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Jenni Gault has been designing for 33 years and has established a line of precious jewellery specializing in incorporating precious Metals with SWAROVSKI® Crystal. 

The craftsmanship and inspired stories of the designs make each piece classic and timeless.  

Jenni Gault was born in Zimbabwe and is now “Proudly South African”. Having started designing Jewellery directly after school,

Now known as “Jenni Gault International Jewellery Design”, she has taken this boutique range global. In July 2006 she was selected as the exclusive Jewellery Designer for SWAROVSKI® at SA Fashion Week. Building on her relationship with Swarovski she was soon after awarded her license under their SWAROVSKI® brand.


Jenni operates from her Port Elizabeth studio in South Africa, from where she travels, shows and sees her clients in London, Paris, Shanghai, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, Munich, Wattens and Hong Kong.


Inspired by the wondrous palette which SWAROVSKI® provide, her entire range incorporates the world’s best crystal. Setting in Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel her designs are, at the same time, both

fashionably elegant and easy to wear.

"My glass is never half empty nor is it half full, because when my glass is one third, I will open another bottle and find a new friend!"
- Jenni Gault, 2014

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