Trendy classic with an unmistakable twist... 


that is Jenni Gault jewelry.  Instantly recognizable for its superb quality and exquisite attention to detail.  What has given Jenni the edge to her phenomenal success,,, Jenni’s ability to identify with woman of today.


I met Jenni and her fabulous team earlier this year. When I was invited to their office for a meeting I was very exited,,, I recently launched my own business and the privilege to sit down with the woman who has single handedly changed the way everyone in Port Elizabeth and afar think about Swarovski crystals and built up this company to what it is today is an honor. 

When I arrived I was taken around the showroom and introduced to all the pieces. Each piece more beautiful than the next. Jenni joins us and it was then that I realized this is not a business meeting, its friends dare I say Jenni family having a chat. Jenni showed such interest and support in my business. Her warmth and grace is what adds to her success.


I will now proudly be wearing Jenni Gault jewelry to every event. And I can’t wait to invest in my first piece of Jenni Gault jewelry. And then adding to it and then adding to my collection a bit more,,,, 

What Makes a Woman Shine?


By Sue Gaskin


Jenni Gault International is really really good at making beautiful and desirable pieces of jewelry but all the jewelry in the world is going to make no difference to a woman if she does not shine from within. If you are on this mailing list, you have probably met the creator of Jenni Gault International’s beautiful jewelry – a person who doesn’t need her products to make her shine – Jenni!


So what makes a woman shine?


  • Joy : Joy creates a spark that brings a smile to your face so that your cheeks reach up to meet your eyes – an instant face lift – and that spark of joy shines through your eyes. Joy makes you interesting and animated and comes from discovering someone or something that you are passionate about. My joy comes from my hobbies like photography, reading, scrapbooking and all the other things that intrigue and excite me. People give me joy and I love connecting with like-minded individuals and meeting new people. My work of developing and empowering others through coaching and facilitation, and watching them dance into the light of understanding and mastery brings me immense joy.

  • Love : Love makes a woman glow and how well you love others is directly related to how well you are loved by them. Love is free and abundant so show some every day to yourself first – look in the mirror and really appreciate what you love about yourself. Then you will find that it follows to show love to those you care for, your pets, your family and those unhappy people that cross your path daily who often need it the most.

  • Faith : Faith is the armor that you need to take fear away and allows you to trust without doubt that you are exactly where you need to be at any given time in your life and that the universe will provide all that you need to handle each situation. This belief prevents worry and allows you to shine.  Ask the universe to guide and support you in your efforts to succeed and the universe will provide what you need when the time is right. Trust that this will happen and it will!

  • Gratitude  We live in a magnificent world and we are surrounded by natural beauty and yet many are blind to their surroundings. Port Elizabeth has it all! When did you last watch the sun rise over the sea at Hobie Beach or watch it set at Schoenies? When did you last take a drive to Lady Slipper or the Baviaanskloof to surround yourself in nature? Whether its a walk around St Georges Park and appreciating some of the ancient trees and exotic plants that are there for us to enjoy or a quiet moment and some downtime sipping coffee in Richmond Hill? We have so much to be grateful for in our beautiful city – Celebrate living here every day!


Joy – Love – Faith – Gratitude……….. Practice these every day and you will simply DAZZLE!

The Fun Psychology of Colour


By Solette Rhodes


The language of Colour is fascinating. It provokes a psychological response from the person wearing it and the people around them. Wearing the right colour can make us appear younger, more radiant & healthier. Colours send subliminal messages, just think of the three top fast food companies; they all have red in their logo, which they very well know boosts our appetite. All advertising companies are fully aware of this and make use of these messages to ensure their product grabs our attention.


When you think of Easter, what colours come to mind? Soft white bunnies, yellow little chicks, Easter eggs wrapped in violet, blue & pink foil?  Jenni has all these colours and more in her fabulous creations.


Being the month of Easter I want to share five of Jenni’s crystals that remind me of Easter…

  • The Amethyst is a beautiful transparent purple that represents power, royalty and status. It is believed that the Amethyst boosts creativity and gives us clarity of mind.

  • Violet is understood to have a nostalgic effect on us, a softer shade of purple that is associated with romance, femininity and tranquillity.

  • Light Rose is the colour of universal love, happiness, joy and has a calming effect on us, which is one of the reasons they use it in prisons to keep the inmates calm.

  • Ice, which is a stunning clear white crystal, is the colour of safety and inspiration, offering a sense of peace and calm, wellbeing and optimism, lightening emotional stress. It epitomises cleanliness and purity, which makes it a much-loved colour of brides and worn by doctors. It is also recognised for enhancing good communication.

  • My favourite of these five colours is Vitrail Light. It has the most amazing vivid hues of pink, blue and lavender, depending on how the light catches it. Representing peace, romance, femininity and gentleness.Make sure you wear the colour that makes you look & feel fantastic!


  • “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.”John Ruskin Solette Rhodes



by Niqui Cloete-Barrass


A thousand crystal reflections dance on the air…The dreamy scent of Swarowksi Aura kisses your senses…You feel at once beautiful, pampered and utterly special…Welcome to the world of JENNI GAULT INTERNATIONAL.When I first met Jenni, I christened her “JENNI-ROUS” (generous) since she seemed to be at every function, blessing people with extravagant free gifts! Little did I know how apt my first impression would turn out to be…Jenni Gault is quite simply exceptional – both as a woman and an artist. Her “Jenni-rosity” extends beyond her professional modus operandi to her true nature and I’m proud to call her a friend. I could wax on for hours about Jenni’s bubbly personality and “JEN-uine” joie de vie, but let’s talk about her work for a moment. It is breath-taking. Each piece is a glittering statement of timeless elegance and impeccable taste, but with a distinctive style that only Jenni can achieve. Recently I had the absolute thrill of having a series of pieces designed for me by Jenni and when I saw them, I was speechless! (If you know me, that is quite a rare occurrence!) She got me. The pieces reflected the best of who I am, and made me feel beautiful.One of my items was a matching necklace and earring set from her new collection, “Circle of Life”. It is a stunningly arranged set of crystals and rings that dangle provocatively from a choker or silver chain, and from my very happy earlobes. I LOVE IT. Jenni Gault belongs in the top international fashion cities, sipping designer champers and having celebrities fawn over her work. This happens frequently as it turns out, but my point is that PE is so privileged to be Jenni’s glittering base. And I am thrilled to be one of her biggest fans!


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